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Sustainable Wetland Management for Enhancing Food Security and Ecosystem Resilience in West Africa -

In partnership with the European Commission, the African Union through the GMES and Africa offers the opportunity for African institutions to have free access to geospatial technologies from Copernicus programs, EUMETSAT and other European distribution systems EO data.
At the level of each project country in West Africa, two wetlands were selected to develop products and services derived from earth observation data for the benefit of users. It is so planned to strengthen the technical capacities of the managers of these sites to enable them to contribute effectively to the implementation of sustainable wetland management policies in West Africa.
The project site are; the Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary Ramsar site and the Sakumo lagoon Ramsar.

Sakumonor Ramsar Site

Sakumonor Ramsar Site is a coastal wetland and a haven for over 70 waterbird species, estimated to the number of 30,000 individuals, depend on the Site’s resources during migratory and reproduction periods but in recent times about one-third of the area has been encroached for the purpose of housing developments, dumping of refuse and farming activities.

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Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary Ramsar Site

Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary Ramsar Site is a protected area and the only Inland and first Ramsar site in Ghana. It comprises a bird sanctuary and a lake formed after the construction of a dam across the Owabi River to supply potable water to the Kumasi metropolis. The Site has a significant appeal for visitors but is under severe pressure from growing human settlements and intensive farming.

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Data and media meterials on Project Sites

Browse through and download some of our static maps on the Sakumo ramsar site and Owabi wild life sancturay