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  • Area:

    7,260 ha

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  • Coordinates:

    06°44'N 01°41'W

Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary Ramsar Site is a unique nature reserve comprising a bird sanctuary and a lake formed after the construction of a dam across the Owabi River to supply potable water to the hundreds of thousands of people living in the Kumasi metropolis. It is centred on the reservoir and includes an important plantation of exotic species – mostly Senna siamea – and riverine forests and aquatic plants. The wetland serves as a habitat and a food base for a variety of wildlife including monkeys, bushbuck, antelopes, black duikers and hundreds of indigenous and migratory birds including the hornbill, pygmy goose, purple heron, jacanas and herons. The important diversity of butterflies in the Site also makes it significant for conservation. A water treatment plant is on-site to train water company technicians. The Site has a significant appeal for visitors but is also under severe pressure from growing human settlements and intensive farming.
Credits : Ramsar